NV LONGEVITY Freeze Dried 
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Nature's Variety's newest formulation.  AMAZING deal to try this food as a meal or a topper!  



Boss Dog Brands
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Get 1 of equal or lesser value FREE!  

This includes their treats and Frozen Raw Food!  



Plato  Energy Bars
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Awesome snack to take on your long hikes/walks!  



Vital Essentials  Freeze-Dried Dog Food
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One of our Top Selling freeze dried foods!  



SurityPro CBD Soft Chews
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So many great uses for CBD products!  Ask us about it!  



ESSENCE  Limited Ingredient Recipe Food 
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$10 OFF   25 lb Bag  

NEW High Protein food!  85% of protein comes from MEAT sources!  GREAT for any High Energy dog!  



Primal Pet Foods  Select Frozen Nuggets and Patties
$4 OFF Frozen Nuggets
$7 OFF Patties 

Select Canine and Feline Formulas, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, and Lamb
Limit is 4 per customer.  

This Top Selling Frozen Raw food is seldom on SALE!  Don't miss out!  







ACANA Dry Dog  Food
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A Top Seller, especially the Beef & Pumpkin!  But ALL Acana big bags are on SALE!



ACANA Premium Chunks Cans
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We have a hard time keeping these popular cans on the shelf, they move FAST!



Fussie Cat Chicken and Turkey Formula
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$4 OFF 4lb Bags
$6 OFF 10lb Bags Fussie Cat Chicken and Turkey Formula

Limit is 2 per customer.

Fussie Cat is our Top Selling cat food brand!



Nature's Logic Original Kibble Diet
$10 OFF  25lb Bag Nature's Logic Original Kibble Diet

Limit is 1 per customer

100% natural formula with NO chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals or amino acids.



Northwest Naturals  Frozen and Freeze-Dried Lamb Recipes
$5 OFF Frozen and Freeze-Dried Lamb Recipes for Dogs

Limit is 5 per customer. 

It's almost St. Pawty's Day, their Green Labeled Lamb Food is on SALE!

NOTE:  Offer ONLY Valid 03/01/2022 to 03/15/2022



Nulo  Jerky Strips
$4 OFF 5oz Bag of Nulo Freestyle Dog Jerky Strips

Dogs LOVE this high quality jerky!

NutriSource  Small Bags of Puppy Food
$3 OFF  5lb NutriSource Dry Puppy Foods

Yes, it's Puppy Season!  Great food to start your puppy out on the right paw!

Open Farm Dry Dog Food
$5 OFF Small Bags 
$10 OFF Large Bags

Ethical sourcing, Sustainably raised & farmed, & 100% Transparent about where ingredients come from!



Zignature  Kangaroo Formula
$2 OFF Small Bags
$4 OFF Medium Bags
$6 OFF Large Bags

Kangaroo Formula Only
Limit is 2 per customer.

Limited ingredient food, GREAT for a rotational diet!  Try kangaroo this month!



Skout's Honor Spring Cleaning Products
$2 OFF  Skout's Honor - Stain & Odor Remover, 35oz
$2 OFF  Skout's Honor - Odor Eliminator, 35oz

Great for Spring Cleaning or any time of the year!



THE BEAR & THE RAT  Frozen Yogurt
$1 OFF any 4 packs

As we see the temps increasing, this is an awesome way to rehydrate and treat your pups!



TWO great NEW Air Dried foods to try. 
Not cooked so nutrients stay locked in, as well as the great taste! 
Try it as a food or topper!

Wisdom   Air Dried Food  
$5 OFF   1 lb Bag
$10 OFF   3 lb Bag
$20 OFF  10 lb Bag



REDBARN  Air Dried Dog Food
$5 OFF Redbarn Air-Dried Food