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Customer Rewards Programs at Bonnie’s Barkery

We sincerely value our customers at Bonnie’s Barkery, so much so that we want to REWARD you for shopping at Bonnie’s Barkery.  It’s our way of saying, THANKS for shopping at Bonnie’s Barkery!

We have three ways to earn rewards.

My Bonnie’s Rewards 

Get money back by simply shopping at Bonnie’s Barkery.  It’s simple, shop SIX times in SIX months, and get  5% BACK to spend in the store. OR shop SIX times in TWO months and get 10% BACK to spend in the store.

What’s included? All Non-Sale items, including grooming count towards your total.  The only things that do NOT count towards My Bonnie’s Rewards are Sale Items and Pet Foods (which have their own program).

Frequent Buyer Program on Pet Foods

We partner with our pet food manufacturers to REWARD you for your brand loyalty.  Most foods (not all) have a Frequent Buyer Program that gives you a FREE bag of food after a set number of purchases.  Most of our foods give you a FREE bag after 10 or 12 bags purchased (one food brand is only 5 bags!).  We do ALL the tracking for you.

Refer a Friend Program

Pick up some Refer a Friend Cards at grooming or at the front check out counter!

All you need to do is Refer a new customer to Bonnie’s Barkery Grooming and you get $10 Gift Card and your friend gets $10 OFF their first grooming.  

Remember to pick up some cards, just fill them out with your name and email and give them to your friends!