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About Bonnie’s

BONNIES’S BARKERY, the Healthy Pet Market for Dogs and Cats, offers one-stop shopping for all your pets’ needs.  Owner-operated, with a knowledgeable staff, we offer personalized service and a full array of the highest quality natural, organic and holistic foods and treats.

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INTRODUCING: Grooming Refer a Friend Program

To REWARD you for your referrals and encourage you to keep telling your friends about Bonnie’s Barkery Grooming, we are introducing our, Refer a Friend Program. It’s simple, pick up a Refer a Friend Program card from our groomers or at the register when you check out. Put your name on the card and give

January 20, 2015 | Read more

What is all the buzz about Fatty Acids?

Do you often hear about the importance of fatty acids in your pet’s diet, but are not sure exactly what they are or why they are important? Why do some dog foods include essential fatty acids in their formulas? Like their human friends, dogs have specific nutritional needs. Among the nutrients that dogs need are essential fatty

January 20, 2015 | Read more

Dr. Karen Becker: The Best and Worst Types of Dog Foods

This is an excellent video by Dr Karen Becker.  She discusses the 13 categories of foods for your pets.  Which ones are the best and the worst for your pets?  It is definitely worth your time to watch. Please click on the link to view:

January 20, 2015 | Read more

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It is great to have a place where everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. We are always greeted with a smile. Thank you!

Fur Friend: Nikita Fur Parent: Faye

I think I love going to Bonnie’s Barkery more than my pets! … Thank you Bonnie’s Barkery for helping keep them happy and healthy.

Fur Friend: 5 dogs, 1 cat! Fur Parent: Marie

We love Bonnie’s Barkery!

Fur Friend: Kali Fur Parent: Sean

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