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  We are taught from a young age the need for good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups. But as pet guardians, we may not be aware of the significance of pet dental health – and how it relates to our pet’s … Read More

SAVE $$$ on these January Deals!

  WELCOME to 2021! What a year we had in 2020!  All of us at Bonnie’s Barkery want to thank you for your tremendous support! Here are some GREAT Deals for January 2021!   Nature’s Variety Instinct Signature Frozen Raw Buy … Read More

12 Days of Christmas $AVING$… Are Here!

  On Thursday, December 10th, the 12 Days of Savings begin at Bonnie’s Barkery!!! Below is a complete list of all savings.  These savings are good on the “Savings Day” only, while supplies last. As you are reading these Days of Savings, remember to sing … Read More

DEAL$ for Small Business Friday & Saturday are Here !!!

  To show our thanks to our amazing customers for sticking with us through the roller coaster of 2020, we bring you OUR FIRST SMALL BUSINESS TWO DAY SALE!   Small Business FRIDAY & SATURDAY at Bonnie’s Barkery is FRIDAY, November 27th SATURDAY, November 28th … Read More

SAVING$ on NOVEMBER Deal$… Don’t Miss Em!

  Check out ALL of these great DEALS in NOVEMBER! There are great store discounts, as well as manufacturer’s DISCOUNTS through our ASTRO Frequent Buyer Program. Check these deals out and SAVE!!!   For a MORE DETAILED description of the … Read More


  Have you signed up for our ASTRO program yet? If not, we can sign you up now to get these great OCTOBER SAVINGS through ASTRO.  PLUS…  ASTRO is how we track your food frequent buyer program… so talk to us to make sure you are … Read More

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