WEEK 2 Anniversary Sale: Primal, Blue Buffalo, & Nature’s Logic

FIVE Stars all around…

 Those you that have tried Primal Freeze Dried or Frozen Raw Food know    that this is a very high quality food.  Many of the ingredients are organic, all are of  the highest quality and 100% Human Grade!  What you may not know is that ALL  of the Primal Foods we carry have the HIGHEST rating possible by Dog Food  Advisor! This is impressive…

If this isn’t enough of a reason to try or stock up on Primal Freeze Dried or Frozen Raw Food, here are a few more!

Buy a Big Bag of Primal Freeze DriedFood,
get a Pint of Primal Goat’s Milk for FREE

Buy One Bag Primal Frozen Raw Food,
get One FREE Primal Frozen Marrow Bone Single

Buy Two Bags Primal Frozen Raw Food,
get One FREE Primal Frozen Marrow Bone Six Pack

This deal is only good from October 12 through October 17th.  Come in and STOCK UP!

We also want to thank Primal Pet Foods for their donation of the “Carnivore’s Gift Basket” for our RAFFLE for the RESCUES.  Check it out, you will want it!


Blue Buffalo
Big Bag Blow Out!

Love them like family. Feed them like family.

“We love our pets, which is why everything we do always comes back to the idea that we think of them as family. Our goal is to create the healthiest foods possible–because a healthier dog or cat is a happier one, and a happier pet means a happier pet parent. That care and dedication goes into every bag we make.”  This is the Blue Buffalo Nutrition Philosophy.  I’ll bet this resonates with most, if not all of our readers!  It does with me!

Very seldom are we able to run great specials on Blue Buffalo foods, but for our Anniversary Celebration…

ALL Big Bags, $10 OFF

Remember, this deal is only good from October 12 through October 17th.
Come in and STOCK UP!


Nature’s Logic
Crazy Great Deals

Family Owned in America’s Heartland
When you are a family owned, midwest business you tend to do things differently, because you can!  Well, Nature’s Logic is different!  It is the ONLY food we know of that uses NO Synthetic Supplements in its food! After all, it is call Nature’s Logic, and in the words of Logic’s founder,

“Nature and all she teaches us has been our guide. Science can discover how to create an inexpensive food with low-quality ingredients and fortified with chemically synthesized supplements to meet analyticals, but at what cost to our pets? Nature is no cheat. Nature’s Logic™ has taken no short cuts to provide our pets natural nutrition that is safe and complete.”

Mother Nature also teaches us to look for the best deal possible (well, maybe not Nature, just our Mother), and here it is!

$10 OFF all Big Bags
$6 OFF all Medium Bags
$4 OFF all Small Bags

Buy 2 Cans, Get 2 FREE

Sale starts Monday, October 12th through Saturday, October 17th

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