NEW & IMPROVED My Bonnie’s Rewards

Our “My Bonnie’s Rewards” Program has moved into the 21st Century!  YAY!

We now have a web based tracking system that we are using for our “My Bonnie’s Rewards” Program. 

No More PAPER!  No More Manual Tracking!  AND Faster Rewards Redemption!

We are using the New Frequent Buyer System that we use to track your Food Purchases, called ASTRO.  If you’d like, you can download the APP and track your “points” and Frequent Buyer progress in real time.

We will be tracking your “My Bonnie’s Rewards” on a points system.

There will be THREE TIERS of REWARDS.

You can choose to redeem your REWARD at 250 points, or LET IT RIDE to go after the BIGGER REWARDS.  

Below is a brief summary of how our new system will REWARD YOU!

Stop In and chat with us if you have any questions.

Oh… If you have an existing “My Bonnie’s Reward” card, we will convert it to the new “My Bonnie’s Reward- ASTRO” system for you!


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