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Bonnie's Gang

Rusty & Lucy

We are the owners of Mike, who likes to pretend he owns the place, but we know better!


I am the resident celebrity here, I’m also the owner of Cijai, who I let run the place (because I am too busy on Instagram)!

Wick, Sloan, Hondo, Boudro, Demo, Rumor, Avery, & Sayko

It takes a village to keep our girl, Lauren in line. When we are not making her go on walks, we let her do some grooming.


I know I’m adorable… My mom, Hannah is the assistant manager of the place where I get great food!

Buddy & Harley

Our person is Kendall, she is almost as busy as we are! Well, we let her think that anyway! It takes time to be this cute!

Rogue & Odin

Unlike our person, Leesha, we just love to lay around...and watch her work! Sometimes for fun we let her groom us too.


My trusty person, Kieran and I love to play ball together! He's the thrower (& groomer) and I'm the fetcher!


Since I'm a herding dog, it's my job to keep my guy Cameron in line. Herding groomers is tough work!


I'm looking after my girl, Brennan from over the rainbow bridge. You all look after her too!