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Grooming is Open on a Limited Basis

Bonnie's Barkery Grooming

Bonnie’s Barkery offers full-service grooming in a stress-free environment for all breeds of dogs and cats.  If you’re tired of the high-volume, impersonal shops then this is the place for you.

We strive to give your pet the attention that he or she deserves by creating a calm and loving environment for their grooming experience.

We will discuss with you any personal preferences, health issues or special requests and keep a personalized record on file.

Grooming appointments are available Tuesday through Saturday.  Typically scheduling appointments 1-2 weeks out. 

Ask about our Refer a Friend Program!  Refer a new customer to Bonnie’s Barkery Grooming and you get $10 Gift Card and they get $10 OFF their first grooming.  Pick up some Refer a Friend Cards at grooming or at the check out counter!

Call 480-502-0077 or use the form below to schedule your appointment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Grooming is CLOSED on Sundays & Mondays.  We will return your call within 24 - 48 hours to confirm your appointment.

Grooming is Open on a Limited Basis

We have made the decision to reopen our grooming department, effective May 1st.

PLEASE BE PATIENT with us in scheduling appointments.

Due to COVID-19, we needed to put in to place new procedures to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and the pups, and based on the fact that we do NOT have a full grooming staff back at this time, we are LIMITED in how many dogs can be groomed on a daily basis.  

PLEASE NOTE: We have a significant waiting list of customers wanting to bring in their pup for grooming, please know we are doing everything humanly possible to get your pup in, but it will take time.  It may take 2-4 weeks to get your pup in for an appointment.
PLEASE BE PATIENT as we try to schedule our customers for their appointments.

Our #1 PRIORITY is the SAFETY of your pet, our staff and you, our customers.

Due to the current circumstances, we will NOT be able to do Walk-In Nail Trims unless as part of your grooming appointment.

THANK YOU again for your patience and cooperation as we work through operating in this unprecedented time.

Call 480-502-0077 or use the form below to schedule your appointment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Grooming is CLOSED on Sundays & Mondays.  We will make every effort to return your call within 48 hours to confirm your appointment.

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