Great 10 Year Celebration Specials this week! Nature’s Variety, Tuscan Natural, & Evanger’s

AMAZING Discounts on Nature’s Variety for 10 Year Celebration!

All Nature’s Variety Dry Food for Dogs & Cats
$15 OFF all Big Bags
$10 OFF all Medium Bags
$5 OFF all Small Bags

ALL Nature’s Variety Frozen Raw Food
$6 OFF all 6lb Bags
$5 OFF
all 4lb Bags
$4 OFF
all 3lb Bags

All Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Dog and Cat Foods
$4 OFF Big Bags of Dog FD
$3 OFF
Small Bags of Dog FD
$2 OFF Kitty Bags

Get the Benefits of Olive Oil with Tuscan Natural

Each 30lb bag has the equivalent of a 15 oz bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in it!

Tuscan Natural is ON SALE this week!
$8 OFF Big Bags
$4 OFF Medium Bags
$2 OFF Small Bags

One of our TOP SELLING Canned Dog Foods, 10 Year Celebration Special!

Many of you know it by “Hunk of Beef” or “Chicken and Rice”, no matter what you call it… it is a great food!   Now it’s a great deal!

With ANY $10 Evanger’s purchase, Get One Free Bag of Evanger’s Jerky Treats, that’s a $6.99 VALUE!  Limit one per visit.

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