FREE Seminar – with Renowned Holistic Vet, March 14th

FREE Seminar -Renowned Holistic Vet

Take Care of Your Pets’ Teeth, Naturally

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We are very pleased to offer you a FREE educational seminar titled,


“Take Care of Your Pets’ Teeth, Naturally”


WHEN: Thursday, March 14th, at 6pm

WHERE: Bonnie’s Barkery, of course.


Our guest speakers will be the renowned Holistic Vet- Dr. Jodie Gruenstern and Tammy Ceroni (Owner of Canine Cares Dental Hygeine).  Please see brief bios below.


We get asked ALL the time,

“How can I keep my dogs/cats teeth clean?”
“Why do my pet’s have bad breath?”
“Do I have to brush my pet’s teeth?”
“What foods or supplements can help keep their teeth healthy?”

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions or have questions regarding how you can “Naturally” take better care of your Pet’s Teeth, then this seminar is for you.


PLEASE join us for this excellent educational seminar.  PLEASE RSVP to Bonnie’s Barkery, 480-502-7973



Dr Jodie Gruenstern DVM CVA, has been practicing veterinary medicine since graduating from UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist.  Plus, She is a certified food therapist and experienced in western and oriental herbology.

She is an accomplished writer and speaker. She has appeared on television and radio to promote the integration of holistic veterinary care into conventional pet care. She has been promoting the human-animal bond through community involvement for years

Dr Jodie is the owner of the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex, a small animal practice. She formulates for Dr. Jodie’s Natural Pets and is an Integrative Health Coach and author of “Live with Your Pet in Mind”.  Most recently she has been spearheading a movement toward rabies titer testing in Wisconsin, Arizona, and country-wide.  She practices at a variety of clinics in Arizona.  For more info or healthy products visit 


Tammy Ceroni, Owner of Canine Cares
We specialize in canine teeth cleaning without the use of anesthesia or drugs, while being supervised by some of the most outstanding veterinarians in the industry.  Ceroni has been providing canine teeth cleaning without the use of anesthesia or drugs in the Arizona Valley since 2001 under Canine Cares.

With over 20 years of experience in cleaning dog’s teeth and helping these four-legged man’s best friend maintain good dental hygiene, Ceroni sees this as more than just a job –it’s her passion.

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  • I’m interested in information about the canine teeth cleaning without anesthesia for my 12-year-old greyhound. Does your Barkery still perform this service? Thanks for any information you can give me.
    Linda Wilshusen

    • Hi Linda, we have a holistic vet that comes in with her team of dental technicians. Probably best to call in and we can answer all your questions. 480-502-7973

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