Feeding a Raw Diet.

Domesticated companion pets still have the same digestive systems as their wild ancestors had, so why should their diet be any different?

In order to truly thrive, dogs and cats require live enzymes and unaltered ingredients not found in commercial pet foods. Raw diets contain all of these essential ingredients, and are easy to feed.

Carnivores have a very high level of acidity in their digestive systems, perfect for breaking down raw meats and bones. This acidic environment is also hostile to bacteria, and the short digestive tract allows the food to be digested quickly before bacteria have a chance to grow and multiply.

Raw diets help our pets reach their full, healthy potential by supplying them with what Mother Nature intended them to eat.

We carry a wide variety of raw diets- frozen, freeze-dried, and air dried. Most of these convenient diets are already balanced and contain everything a dog or cat may need for a complete and nutritious meal.

The raw diets we carry use only the best and freshest ingredients, including grass-fed and free-range meats, free of antibiotics and hormones, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Also available are premixes, which allow you to choose which proteins you would like to add, while ensuring your pets get what they need nutritionally.

Come in and let us take you through the various brands we carry to find the right fit for your pet!

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