FEBRUARY DEALS! Valentine’s & Dental Health Month SALES!



Since February is Pet Dental Health Month
we wanted to offer some “Special” Deals that are very beneficial for your pet’s overall dental health.



Raw dog food has many benefits, including keeping dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Over time, plaque builds up on dogs teeth, caused by bacteria from food and saliva, which then hardens to become tartar. Similar to humans, if this is not treated it can cause dental problems such as gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss and even loss of jaw bone.


To keep teeth and gums healthy in the wild dogs would gnaw on the bones of their prey, a practice which chewing on our raw bones simulates. While you still have to get them checked, it can be helpful for dogs who are prone to gum disease.



Help your pet’s overall dental health…

Consider these Special Dental Health Month Deals.

Good all of February, or while supplies last.


Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Raw

FREE TRIAL Sample Size (8oz) Bag of Stella & Chewy’s Raw to any customer buying a Dry Food Bag- NO RISK way to try Frozen Food

20% OFF ALL Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Raw


Northwest Naturals Frozen Raw and Bones

15% OFF ALL (exclude bulk box products)


Tucker’s Frozen Raw Bones

20% OFF ALL Frozen Raw Bones

Nature’s Variety Instinct Frozen Raw

$3 OFF 4lb Bags


Primal Frozen Raw -Limit ONE Coupon per customer

$3 OFF Frozen Raw Bags




Take advantage of these additional DEALS at Bonnie’s Barkery.
ALL DEALS are good throughout February, or while supplies last!


Check ’em out!



Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Dry Food (Dog & Cat)
$3 OFF Small Bags
$5 OFF Large Bags


Nature’s Variety Instinct Frozen Raw 
$3 OFF 4lb Bags


ALL Elevate Dog Food Bags
20-30% OFF


ALL Pinnacle & Brothibbles Dog Food
$5 OFF all size Bags


Primal Frozen Raw & Supplements -Limit ONE Coupon per customer
$3 OFF Frozen Raw Bags
$2 OFF Goat’s Milk, Elixers, & Bone Broth


Ziwi Peak
BUY 2 Cans, Get ONE FREE (Dog & Cat)
$5 OFF Chew Treats (while coupons last)


ASTRO Frequent Buyer Deals 

Honest Kitchen

Buy 5lb Bag of Clusters, get a FREE Honest Kitchen Pour Over or 99% Meat Topper (Tetra Packs)


The Bear & The Rat
$1 OFF Frozen Yogurt & Frozen Goats Milk 4 Packs


Honey I’m Home
$2 OFF NEW Munchies Variety Packs
$2 OFF NEW Jerky Treats

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