DAVE’S: New Cost Effective Option for Dog and Cat Canned Food!


We are pleased to now carry a new line of Dog and Cat canned food called Dave’s Pet Food! Dave’s is a high quality, cost effective food worth considering.  Click on the link and read the review.

Dave’s Naturally Healthy™ Canned Dog Food is a holistic formula packed with the finest ingredients nature has to offer. It contains no wheat, no gluten, no soy and no corn. It’s just a simple, all-natural formula that is great for your dog. Flavors available are Chicken & Rice, Beef & Rice and Liver & Beef.

Overweight Dog? Dog with Diabetes? We pack our high quality protein meats with just water, vitamins and minerals –  We can’t say “no carbs” by law  but if you look at the ingredients you will notice there are no  grains, no cereals, no  starches, no rice, but lots of meat! Since there are virtually no carbs, blood sugar levels shouldn’t spike! Feed less dry and add Dave’s 95% Premium Meats™ Canned Dog Food. Think Atkins! It’s designed to give your dog a complete and balanced diet!

Dave’s Delicate Dinners™ Canned Dog Food is easy to digest for sensitive stomachs. A bland diet of chicken and rice designed to calm the stomach during times of transition, or for any dog prone to stomach upset that needs a simple diet that is easily digested. No wheat or wheat gluten!

Dave’s Naturally Healthy™ Grain Free Canned Cat Food 3oz is the best value for a good quality Grain-Free canned cat food you can buy.



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