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Should You Have Your Dog Shaved?

There has been some controversy over whether it’s beneficial to shave dogs in the summer. Sandy Burke, Lead Groomer at Bonnie’s Barkery, says “that would depend on what the definition of shave is.” According to Sandy, who has been grooming … Read More

More Great Foods!

Sam, Michelle and I have been busy the last couple of weeks making room for some new foods in the store. We are proud to announce the addition of Blue Buffalo (dog; cat coming soon), Pure Vita (dog), Natural Planet … Read More

4 Reasons to Have a Companion Animal

If you don’t share your home with a companion animal, and especially if you live alone, you’re missing out on all the health benefits they offer – companion animals can: 1. Instill a sense of well-being 2. Promote lower blood … Read More

Pets and Fireworks

As we all prepare for our 4th of July celebrations, just a reminder that fireworks can cause a great deal of stress for some animals. This is a terrifying and uncomfortable time for both you and your pets.  Remember that … Read More

Bonnie’s Barkery is the Best!

Hi!  My name is Killian McKiernan and I’m the web developer for the new Bonnie’s Barkery website.  It’s been fun working with Sam and Trish and I hope you like the new site.   We experimented quite a bit with design.  In … Read More

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