Bravo Recalls Select Chicken and Turkey Pet Foods

Bravo Pet Foods just announced a recall on select Chicken and Turkey pet food because of possible salmonella health risk. Please see the attached recall notice by clicking on the image.  

Until we have further information, we have pulled all the Bravo Chicken and Turkey frozen raw product from our inventory.  The affected products are the 2 lb chubs of Bravo Turkey Blend and Chicken Blend for dogs and cats.  In addition, they are recalling the 5 lb chubs, even though they did not test positive.  Please note, this recall is for specific “Best Used by Dates”, please see recall notice.

As a precaution, all other chicken and turkey blends, including the 2lb, 5lb, and 10lb frozen raw diets that have a best used by dates between June 20, 2016 and September 18, 2016.

As we know more we will let you know, ASAP.  Please stop by or call if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you.

Bravo recall 9_26

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