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Bonnie's Gang

Rusty & Lucy

We are the owners of Mike, who likes to pretend he owns the place, but we know better!


I am the resident celebrity here, I’m also the owner of Cijai, who I let run the place (because I am too busy on Instagram)!

Wick, Sloan, Hondo, Boudro, & Demo

It takes a village to keep our girl, Lauren in line. When we are not making her go on walks, we let her do some grooming.


I know I’m adorable… My mom, Hannah is the assistant manager of the place where I get great food!

Shea, Francis Flamingo & Monkey

We love to help our person, Nikki, make dogs look pretty in grooming. We actually just like to supervise her!


Yes, I’m a big boy and I am Mia’s owner. She gets to play on the cash register and brings me lots of great food home to try.

Buddy & Harley

Our person is Kendall, she is almost as busy as we are! Well, we let her think that anyway! It takes time to be this cute!